"Consciously absorbing every moment. I live, bold but still."

Hanna Marieke van Dijk...

was born in 1996 in the vibrant Amsterdam. At age nine, she took her first classical piano lesson with Elizabeth de Smaele. With a great love for music, Hanna experienced joy and passion in these lessons. However, she had always wanted to learn how to improvise and compose. In her teenage years, she became interested in jazz because of the famous singer Norah Jones. At the age of sixteen she enjoyed two years of jazz piano lessons at Mark van der Feen. Upon turning seventeen, she was accepted at the conservatory in Utrecht to study Jazz & Pop piano with Bert van den Brink and Rembrandt Frerichs. She finished her studies in 2018.

Since September 2017, Hanna has composed for her own jazz trio, the Hanna Marieke Trio. Currently she plays in the jazz/folk band Catch The Sparrow and accomponies singer Thirza Athalja. Throughout the years, Hanna has played and performed with MUDDY GREASE, the HKU Bigband, the Utrecht's Jazz Orchestra and with the 'Big Band Utrecht' (BBU). At the conservatory she has followed masterclasses of Kenny Werner and Benjamin Herman and has participated in project weeks with Kapok, Tin Men and The Telephone, the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio, Eric van den Bovenkamp etc.

Hanna distinguishes herself from other musicians through her vulnerability. Her music doesn't scream for attention, it invites the listener to become aware of the beauty, hope, grace and light around you. Her dream is to tour around the world with her own music that is inspired by her journey in faith.