Majestic Melodies,

Radical Rythms

Heartfelt Harmonies.


Hanna Marieke van Dijk is a Dutch pianist, keyboard player, composer and educator. In 2018 she finished her studies at the conservatory of Utrecht in Jazz & Pop piano. Her dream is to tour around the world with her own jazz trio, performing her own music and sharing the beauty, love and hope that she has found in Jesus.

Bachelor Exam Video 2-7-18

The sound of romantic jazz music in the royal hall of the Utrecht Conservatory. A confident woman in a stunning dress behind the piano. The contrast between dramatic complex harmonies and tender touches of the piano keys grips your attention. She keeps surprising you with different ensembles, but the heavenly sounds of the piano are central. The concert is mostly acoustic with the Hanna Marieke Trio and ends with string players and vocals.

She has a contagious passion for music and she challenges herself rhythmically and harmonically. However, she can emotionally move you with a simple triad that has never been played so thoughtfully. Her compositions are inspired by a special mix of Tigran Hamasyan, Bill Laurence and Justin Kauflin. Additionally, she plays arrangements of well-known melodies and has the courage to improvise multiple times on the spot.